Taberna Review

Authentically Spanish with an International Feel

Truth be told there isn’t a shortage of tapas bars in Granada. Also it’s hard to ignore the fact that a lot of them are somewhat indistinguishable from each other. But what exactly sets Macande apart from the rest? One might say it’s the quality drafts, the rustic décor, or maybe their extensive menu that has dishes from all parts of the world. But if you asked me, I would say it’s their staff. Always ready to please, and as a hangout of the international sort one knows it’s not always easy to do. Yet, every time I go in I know I’ll be served the highest quality drinks and tapas while feeling like I’m kicking back with good friends.

By: Stephen de Wolff

Taberna Macande is located on Calle Elvira at the corner of tea street in the heart of Granada

Comida Rica, Comida Macande


About macande

De lo clàsico a lo internacional! From the classic to the international!
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